Have you ever had a Popover?

If you have never had a popover and wondering what it is, it’s very similar to a Yorkshire Pudding. It is an egg base batter that is baked in a special pan, at a very high temperature. The steam creates the batter to pop/rise over the pan (hence the name), creating a crispy outercrust with a light and airy center.

The versatility of a popover is on par to sliced bread only popovers are so much more fun to eat.

Our goal at Popover Girl is to have everyone who eats gluten enjoy a popover.

Popovers are the perfect

  • light savoury snack on it’s own or with a little sweet or savoury spread

  • side to your salad, soup or eggs

  • dessert when filled with a sweet filling like chocolate custard or fruit compont

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