Why Popovers?


How and Why does an Italian Girl fall in love with Popovers?

I grew up with my mom's home cooked italian food, in which the fruits and vegetables were grown by my dad in our back yard.  We made tomato sauce in our garage, we pickled vegetables for the winter and once a year my dad and his friends would lug a pig into the basement and they would butcher it.  I did not get involved with the butchering but I did help my dad make his wine.  Which some say you need to acquire a taste for.  So growing up I was exposed to a lot of cooking from scratch, that was normal.

It was when I got married that I started my journey getting creative cooking from scratch.  I loved it.  I was always enrolled in a cooking class at George Brown Culinary College and any free time was spent researching recipes that I would test out on our fancy Saturday night dinners.   That was when I came across POPOVERS.  I had never heard of a popover, I heard of Yorkshire Pudding (which is the same thing) but didn't have a clue what it was.  I read more about POPOVERS and was totally intrigued by the science behind what makes them pop.  I made them, and then I made them again and again.  They became the perfect go to food.  It's the most delicious 'blank canvas' to enjoy on it's own or to layer flavors onto.

In 2011 I decided it was time to share POPOVERS with the public.  I joined the Historical Distillery District Farmers Market, in Toronto.  To make a long story short, they were a hit, selling out week after week.  People would come to my table and say 'oh you're the 'POPOVER GIRL' and that was it.  I am POPOVER GIRL.  

Yay! This is my first offical Blog post.  I look forward to sharing my forever journey on recipe development and anything that captures me about food.  Expect mostly nutritious but always delicious recipes. 

P.S. Thank you Dania Massara for your technical support.


Next post will have my beloved Popover Recipe, stay tuned.


Harvey waiting for the pop over

I'm not the only one that likes to see them pop. 

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