Fermented Red Onion


Here are few reasons why you should make these 1) they make a simple dish delicious with the added flavour and texture 2) fermented foods promote good gut health, improving your digestion. 3) it's really easy to make. 


red onion (as many as you like)

1.5 tsps salt

1 cup water


glass mason jar and some type of weight that fits inside the jar.  A mandeline makes it really easy but not necessary.


1. Cutting the onion.  I like to slice the onions (on the hoizontal) fairly thin, with a mandeline, which makes this really quick and easy .  You may want to dice up the onion or cut it up into strips (on the vertical).  Think of where you plan on using them to determine your cut.  You do want to keep the cuts consistant so they have the same texture.

2. Fill a mason jar with the sliced onion.  Make sure to press them down leaving very little air space.

3. Dissolve the salt in the water.  You want 1.5 teaspons of salt per cup of water.  I like to whisk the salt and water to help it disolve.

4. Give the onions another press and pour the salt water slowly into the jar.  Make sure the onions are all covered then add your weight to ensure the onion stays in the water.  I use a glass puck, part of a fermintation kit to weigh it down but you can put some beans in a small bag and place them on top.  

5. The jar needs to be closed.  If you don't have a gas release top for your jar, all you need to do is open the lid a couple of times a day to release the gas (burp your jar. lol). 

6. Let it sit and ferment for up to two weeks on your counter.  After a week you can try it and determine how much longer you want to leave it out for.

7. Then enjoy your fermented onion onto of patties, with your popovers or atop a salad.

8. Keep refridgerated once you have completed the fermentation process. 

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